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Get a Piece of the Rock – Coquina Rock!

Travel between St. Augustine and Palm Beach and you are likely to see lots of Coquina Rocks. But how much do you really know about them?  Probably not much.

The one above is located within our condo complex. It was one of the largest I’ve seen – It stands about 7′ tall; 5′ wide and weighs about 13,000 pounds. With a little research, I found that these stones are between 12 thousand and 2 million years old. The perfectly cylindrical holes are not manmade – they are formed naturally.

A century ago, the rocks were used to make many of the old buildings you see in St. Augustine and the Sugar Mills in the Daytona Beach area. Some are still used as natural seawalls today.  We were fortunate that many of the larger ones, like the one above, were saved when they excavated for homes and buildings. They make beautiful, natural sculptures.

I love it and I painted it and now you can have this piece of history in your home or office.  Everything from high quality giclee reprints to tote bags to bedspreads and coffee mugs are available and can be ordered by clicking on either image below.

If you are still reading,  here’s a special for you. I have a limited edition of 25, signed 8×10 giclee prints in an 11×14 mat, ready for framing for $30, including shipping in the continental US. Each includes a certificate of authenticity and a detailed history of the Coquina Rock. Email me at, Debbie@OwnADebbie.com for details or to order yours.

And yes. The original is available! You’ll find it on www.DeborahBoydGallery.com along with many other original, affordable paintings.