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You knew it was coming: Face Masks designed by Debbie!

Here they are! I’ve selected my favorite designs from my collection and viola! Now they are face masks! Stand out from the crowd and order yours now. For a limited time. click on your favorite below and order yours for just $15, including  postage. You can own a Debbie!

                            The Mythical Village of Rectangle on the Corner of Circle and Square
                                                                                    Have Toilet Paper!


                                                                                      Blue Alligator
                                                                        Poppies Poppies Everywhere
                                                                                 Hats! Hats! Hats!
                                                                                     The Babies Gerber
                                                                               Tree in a Copper Pot
                                                                              Retro 1960 Something




I Have Toilet Paper!

Papier du Toilette


It’s been a tough month for art sales with an even tougher month to come. I had very few scheduled events to begin with and of course, now they have all been cancelled. Not that I was advocating moving forward with them, especially since I have chosen to self quarantine for at least the next two weeks. No. I’m not sick, but I am over 60 and I do have a compromised immune system.

I live in hurricane prone Florida and it was just a month ago we stocked up on supplies for the coming season, which just so happens to have been a good move, given the current corona virus situation. That said, I have plenty of toilet paper and I plan to keep every bit of it here. But, pssst….since you are reading this, I will let you in on a little secret: I am willing to part with three rolls of toilet paper – limit one pack per person – for the first 25 people who respond – and pay for them! That’s right. You can get “Papier du Toilette” in a strictly limited edition of 25, numbered and signed by the artist (that would be me!) and shipped to your door anywhere in the continental U.S. for just $25, including postage and handling. You get an 8×10 in an 11×14 mat, ready for framing. You will never be without toilet paper in your bath again!

Eau de Toilettes

If you have the toilet paper, but prefer the toilet, I can help with that too! “Eau de Toilettes”, My Warhol version of all things toilet, is also available in a limited edition of 25, signed, numbered and ready to ship.

Since I now have plenty of time to work on my websites, I should have it set up to order directly from here in the next couple of weeks. Hey, I am painting toilets and toilet paper…I have plenty of time!  Until then, please leave a comment and I will get back with you asap!