About Own A Debbie

Deborah “Debbie” Boyd, the artist with Own A Debbie, began painting late in life, but has nonetheless produced award winning works and pieces that have hung in galleries around Florida.

She works mainly with acrylics, and constantly pushes the envelope trying and creating new techniques. “That I have no formal training seems to work to my advantage,” she says. “I’m always ready to try something  new”.

“Own A Debbie” offers everyone the opportunity to own beautiful, affordable art. What sort of art? Just about anything from a from a fine art giclée print for that bare wall over the fireplace, to comfy toss pillows to our new line of Debbie wearables. Today’s art is about more than just something to hang on the wall.

Looking  for corporate art? We can create and customize any piece to suit your needs or fill your office with our fine art giclees.

You can redo your bath and add a Debbie rug, towels and even shower curtains.  For the bedroom, hang an original on the wall, then customize with a duvet cover and lots of pillows.

Contact us anytime for ideas to showcase our art in your home.

Whether the occasion is casual or professional, you’ll love our Debbie wearables!
This is where you get throw pillows that will really make your home a standout!




5 thoughts on “About Own A Debbie”

  1. Saw a print of ‘les toilettes’ in the bathroom at South of the border.
    Really liked it.
    How would I get one of these?

    1. Thanks for asking! I didn’t know there was one in South of the Border, but hey…why not? May I ask if it was the one with four toilets or individual toilets? If you can let me know, I can tell you where to get them.

      Glad you enjoyed it!

    2. Me again! I believe it was the four toilets. It threw me for a loop when you said you saw it at South of the Border. The only copy of it was on exhibit at a hotel in Daytona Beach for four years. I just got it back last week. That aside, I have a signed, 16×20 available – this is the only signed one that comes with a certificate of authenticity – for $130 which includes shipping anywhere in the continental US. You can also order a fine art reprint in any size you like here, https://fineartamerica.com/featured/les-toilettes-deborah-boyd.html I’m going out of the country tomorrow, so if you opt for the original it can’t be shipped until after April 17. Thanks again for asking. Sorry about the confusion.

  2. Debbie-I bought a necklace and earrings painted with a red lighthouse on slate at the craft fair in Daytona Beach Shores. I really like the set, but find it impossible to wear the earrings as the hook is way to long! Is there a way that I can meet with you and get that changed?

    1. Hi Lillian!

      Thanks so much for getting in touch with me about that. I would be very happy to fix it for and it’s a real quick fix. I live at 3 Oceans West, at the Cloverleaf. You are welcome to come here or I will meet you somewhere. Please let me know what’s convenient for you.

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