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Tern Around; Look at Me

“Tern Around, Look at Me”, click above to enter our giclée gallery.

While all my originals are available for sale on, this site is where you get high quality reprints.

One advantage of ordering a giclee is that you have a choice of sizes. For example, the original of “Tern Around Look at Me” is a Little Debbie – just 12×4 in size, ideal for a desk, but not on a wall.  With a reprint, you can get one large enough to stretch across your sofa as seen here.

I invite you to look at my giclee gallery and see all the wonderful things you can do to dress up a tired home.  In addition to high quality, fine art prints, you’ll find everything from bedspreads to tote bags.

The Ultimate Thank You

It’s the ultimate thank you card!  The recipient gets a beautiful card from you,  a miniature version of my original work, ‘Hibiscus’.  But the  surprise gift for them is on the inside. Above your message is the same giclee print that’s appears on the front of the card, but this is signed by the artist(Me!) and ready for framing! Imagine ‘Hibiscus’ in a 3.5×5 frame!

Each card measures 3.5 x 4.75.  There are 10 cards and 10 envelopes in this set.  Every card will carry a signature on the inside.

There is only one set available.  $20, including shipping in the continental US.   Contact me at,

You knew it was coming: Face Masks designed by Debbie!

Here they are! I’ve selected my favorite designs from my collection and viola! Now they are face masks! Stand out from the crowd and order yours now. For a limited time. click on your favorite below and order yours for just $15, including  postage. You can own a Debbie!

                            The Mythical Village of Rectangle on the Corner of Circle and Square
                                                                                    Have Toilet Paper!


                                                                                      Blue Alligator
                                                                        Poppies Poppies Everywhere
                                                                                 Hats! Hats! Hats!
                                                                                     The Babies Gerber
                                                                               Tree in a Copper Pot
                                                                              Retro 1960 Something




I Have Toilet Paper!

Papier du Toilette


It’s been a tough month for art sales with an even tougher month to come. I had very few scheduled events to begin with and of course, now they have all been cancelled. Not that I was advocating moving forward with them, especially since I have chosen to self quarantine for at least the next two weeks. No. I’m not sick, but I am over 60 and I do have a compromised immune system.

I live in hurricane prone Florida and it was just a month ago we stocked up on supplies for the coming season, which just so happens to have been a good move, given the current corona virus situation. That said, I have plenty of toilet paper and I plan to keep every bit of it here. But, pssst….since you are reading this, I will let you in on a little secret: I am willing to part with three rolls of toilet paper – limit one pack per person – for the first 25 people who respond – and pay for them! That’s right. You can get “Papier du Toilette” in a strictly limited edition of 25, numbered and signed by the artist (that would be me!) and shipped to your door anywhere in the continental U.S. for just $25, including postage and handling. You get an 8×10 in an 11×14 mat, ready for framing. You will never be without toilet paper in your bath again!

Eau de Toilettes

If you have the toilet paper, but prefer the toilet, I can help with that too! “Eau de Toilettes”, My Warhol version of all things toilet, is also available in a limited edition of 25, signed, numbered and ready to ship.

Since I now have plenty of time to work on my websites, I should have it set up to order directly from here in the next couple of weeks. Hey, I am painting toilets and toilet paper…I have plenty of time!  Until then, please leave a comment and I will get back with you asap!


Where can I buy Debbie Stuff?

Maybe you are looking for the perfect duvet or pillow covers. Perhaps you just want some throw pillows to reflect your personal style. Or there was a Debbie original that you loved, but it was sold.

What’s a person to do?

Own A Debbie is where you buy that custom home decor, a colorful totebag or a fine art giclee to enhance the walls of your home or office. We even have one of a kind wearables like skirts, and scarves.

We offer great gifts for any occasion or get yourself something just for you. Whatever your whim, we probably have it here.

Please go to the page above, “Where can i order a Debbie” to order any of our specialty items.

If it’s an original piece you are searching for,  click on this link to visit my on line gallery at, 

Doesn’t Your Valentine Deserve the Very Best?

Flowers die; chocolate is eaten, but art lasts forever!  This website is where you get fine art reprints, home decor and wearables!

Give your loved one something unique this year.  Here are a few great suggestions from the Own A Debbie Collection:

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, but are looking for a gift they’ll long remember,  how about one of our signed 5×7 “Love” cards? You can use it as a card – the inside is blank for personalized sentiment – or you can frame this 5×7 work of art and put it in the frame of your choice. Either way, it’s a keeper!

5×7 card, signed by the artist, white envelope included.   $6          FREE shipping anywhere in the continental USA!                                Email me for information on this card: 

Looking for a fun gift? How about a tote bag for that special weekend ? It’s roomy and well made. Click on the tote bag below to see that and more great ideas including throw pillows and even bedspreads! 

“A Rose with a Heart” makes for some beautiful coasters and when you click on the coasters, you’ll see lots of other unique gifts ideas including clocks and cutting boards! 

If you would like to purchase one of our original paintings, priced specially for the season, we invite you to visit our online gallery at,

These signed, originals are priced right and ready to ship.

Ringing in the New Year

Happy New Year!

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus…3 months, to be exact.  I moved, then I did something I always wanted to do…I set up a studio in my home!

Now that it’s finished, I will be back to posting updates and specials. Look for our Valentine’s gift specials coming soon!

A Beautiful Remembrance of your Dog or Cat


Get your ‘Over the Rainbow Bridge’ ornaments while they last.

These giclee prints by artist Deborah Boyd will make a great memory of your beloved dog or cat for years to come. It comes with your pet’s name and choice of sentiment. (four words or less, please!) Choose from a paw print for your dog and an elegant filigree frame for your feline friend. Of course, it is hand signed by the artist.

I have only a limited number of these frames available – eight of the paw prints and eight in the filigree. frame. When that supply is exhausted, different frames will be offered at a higher price.

While they last, $15 + $3 shipping and handling anywhere in the continental U.S.

Please email me at, to order yours.

Our new gallery is up and running!

It’s finally here! Deborah Boyd Gallery is now up and running! It has consumed a lot of my time, so my apologies for not keeping up with Own A Debbie.

Deborah Boyd Gallery will feature all my hand painted works, which will include everything from fine art to jewelry and home décor.  Own a Debbie will feature anything that is reprinted including giclée prints, clothing, home décor, all creating using my originals.

When Own A Debbie has fully evolved, you will see our current specials and offerings right here on our home page.

We hope you will visit Deborah Boyd Gallery when you are looking for original art for your home or office.

You can purchase a fine art giclée print or a unique top, throw pillow or tote bag!
Or you can click here to purchase the original!

What’s Up at Own A Debbie?

If you haven’t already heard the news, we are working feverishly on our new website. While we’re not abandoning Own A Debbie, we will be moving our original fine art,  and hand painted jewelry and accessories to the new site. If it’s painted by me, you will find it there. This site will remain and here you will be able to order everything from reprints to home decor to wearable fashion, all using our exclusive designs.

In the meantime, to whet your appetite for what’s to come,  here are a few of the things you will see on the soon-to-come site.

“Cod-Frey”, 11×14 acrylic on canvas, framed
“Sal Mon”, 11×14 acrylic on canvas, framed

Cod Frey and Sal Mon are the first in a series of whimsical fish art.

“Everything’s Popping Up Poppies”, 24×36 acrylic on canvas, framed

Wouldn’t “Everything is Popping up Poppies” look great behind your sofa?

Our hand-painted jewelry will make you stand out from the rest. These were made with slate collected in France.

Our serving platters make excellent hostess gifts.

Are you excited yet? Look for these and much more in our new, online gallery.  Stay tuned!