The Great Art Experiment Continues!

So this week, I started with a black canvas, then added  the sunflower and decorative ‘hardware’. I used acrylic polymers to add depth to the center of the flower and the edges. Had a difficult time making this colorful. On a black canvas, paints are much darker than they appear! After a lot of layering, I finally got the colors I envisioned.

Son Flower, 11x14 on canvas
                Son Flower, 11×14 on canvas

The Experimentation Continues!

Beached at Washington Oaks State Park, 31x21 acrylic on canvas
                 Beached at Washington Oaks State Park                                   31×21 acrylic on canvas

Continuing my experimentation with acrylic polymers, I found that while Acrylic Moulding Paste doesn’t work well with every piece, it does add texture to an otherwise flat looking canvas. I loved using it on Beached at Washington Oaks State Park because it added a third dimension to the piece.



"Wilted Hibiscus"  16x20 acrylic on canvas
      “Wilted Hibiscus” 16×20 acrylic on canvas

I enjoy mastering new techniques and this one was a lot of fun. I like paintings with texture and quite honestly, acrylics weren’t giving me the depth I was striving to achieve. “Wilting Hibiscus” is the first of my original paintings to employ a technique using acrylic molding paste, then painting the paste with brightly colored acrylics on a black canvas to add depth.

I hope  you enjoy it and yes…it is for sale!