I’m IN!

Old Swampy - My entry for the 2015 Art Prize Competition.
Old Swampy – My entry for the 2015 Art Prize Competition.

You might recall a few weeks back I mentioned entering a contest called, Art Prize. This is an annual event held in Grand Rapids, MI and it dubbed the largest of its kind in the Country. It also offers the most prizes – more than a half million dollars in both juried and public voting awards.

The way it works is the artist completes an entry form for either 2D or 3D art and adds  an entry to the mix. After that, there is a 30 day connections period when artists let  any of the 185 participating downtown businesses know that they are interested in having their work displayed in their business. If you fail to make a connection during the allowed time, you are out.

I got lucky. Of the 2,200 artists that entered this year, one of the businesses contacted me. Yup. Me.

So for two weeks this fall, Old Swampy will make its home in Grand Rapids. The odds of being chosen were slim. The odds of winning a prize are slimmer, but as I look at it, I’m halfway there!

One thought on “I’m IN!”

  1. Hi Debbie,
    Big John is creating bighouseonthehill.com (not ready for public view yet). We have a page of vendors and will list you there.
    Congratulations for being IN. I’m excited for you.

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