What is it?

Well, that’s what I call the techniques  I use to create art. Besides, every era needs a movement and mine is Debbieism.  I leave this to the next generation.

On  that happy note, summer is traditionally a very slow time of year for selling art. It’s when I spend time looking for new venues to display my work and creating tomorrow’s masterpieces.

Summer is when I experiment with different mediums and techniques. I’m having fun, but production has been a slower than usual. On the other hand, art  creation shouldn’t be rushed.

Preserve your pet's memory with a Debbie!
Preserve your pet’s memory with a Debbie!

In the meantime, You Can Own a Debbie for less if you act soon. I will create a painting of your favorite pet or family member for just $40. including shipping anywhere  in the US. The 8×10 in an11x14 mat and ready for framing.  This is usually $55. with shipping. This special ends when summer officially ends – Labor Day.  Debbie’s make great gifts for the holidays or any occasion.