What Am I Up To Now?

In between traveling and dealing with life matters, my resolutions this year were to get my work in a gallery and find more collectors.

What I’m doing at this very moment has nothing to do with galleries or collectors. It has to do with money.

I took a giant leap and entered the world’s biggest art show that offers the largest prizes I’ve ever seen. I’m not modest enough to say I don’t want to win. A lot of people see my work,  but only if I sell do I add to my traveling money. That’s right.  Any sales revenue goes into a separate account that is strictly used for my traveling pleasure. With the rising cost of travel, well, you can see where I’m going with this.

But I digress…

I entered Art Prize, a giant of a contest held every year in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s an interesting concept and there’s a learning curve on the entering process.  In the fall, the entire town becomes a enormous gallery with almost every business, hotel, coffee shop and bar in the downtown area, choosing to exhibit works from artists worldwide over a two week period.

First, you pay a small entry fee and get your information ready for review by all the different venues. Then, you contact those that might have an interest in promoting your work to try to get them to enter into a display contract with you.

If you don’t do that,  you are out for this year. If you do, your work is displayed and you are eligible for both juried and people’s choice prizes with a top prize in both categories of … are you ready? … $200,000.  Keep in mind that there are any number of smaller prizes of say, $20,000 that I could live with.

For my entry, I submitted, Old Swampy. I contacted the first five of my favorite venues today. There are many, many talented  artists who enter this show.  To be able to exhibit side by side with them would be an honor.

I still want to win!

Old Swampy - My entry for the 2015 Art Prize Competition.
Old Swampy – My entry for the 2015 Art Prize competition.


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