In Honor of NASCAR Racing’s Past

The Daytona 500 is Sunday and Own A Debbie has the perfect gift for the NASCAR fan in your life.

Since it’s race week and I’m nothing if not timely, here are some beautiful examples of cars that raced on the beach in NASCAR’s infancy.

The first two are 5×6 cars on slate. They have a glossy finish and are spill and scratch proof. They come with a small stand.The last is one of two, limited edition, “They Raced On the Beach” 10×14 framed Giclee prints. Everything is signed and come with certificates of authenticity. Get both of the cars on slate for $60. –  They were $45 each; and the framed cars for $35. – it was $50. I’d prefer not to ship, but will do so if you want to cover the cost.

Car51Slate Car226Slate TheyRacedFramed

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