A Whirlwind Week Ahead!

Surf's Up! On display at Amalie Arena in Tampa through September, 2016
Surf’s Up! On display at Amalie Arena in Tampa through September, 2016

Monday evening is the big artist reception in Tampa. If you are new to this blog, my work, Surf’s Up, was selected from a few thousand entries to be among 40 works to hang in Amalie Arena for the coming year.  Monday night, I will be there for the big unveiling along with some of the Tampa Bay Lightning and the team owners which sponsor the event.  Prizes will be awarded and while I know this is trite, just having Surf’s Up hang in the arena for a year is enough  for me. I am thrilled to be part of this  prestigious group of artists.

On Friday and Saturday, October 9 and 10, I will be at the Ponce Inlet Garden Club annual Arts and Crafts show. It’s being held at the Community Center on Peninsula Avenue and I hope you will try to attend. Selfishly, I would love for you to see my latest works, but there are some wonderful craftsmen on hand with things that will suit everyone on your holiday shopping list.  The show is held  both indoors and outside. I will be inside in a room with three  other great artists. Be sure to check out my  hand painted coasters, boxed and ideal for a hostess gift. This will be my third year participating in this wonderful event.


A New Opportunity Emerges

Out of thousands of entries, “Surf’s Up!” was selected by the Tampa Bay Lightning to hang in Amalie Arena in Tampa for the coming year.

There were 40 pieces chosen and I am honored to be among them. On October 5, I will be going to an artist’s reception with the team and team owners where they will be awarding prizes. The way I have it figured, I’m already a winner!

Catching up with Own A Debbie

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a show outdoors, but this Saturday, I’m making an exception. I  will be at the Granada Grand Festival of the Arts in Ormond Beach,  this Saturday from 10-5. There will be 50 artists there from all over the area,  all selling their wares.

I will be deeply discounting some of my best originals to make room for more inventory. When I say deeply, I mean as much as $75 percent off my gallery price.  Look for Own A Debbie somewhere around City  Hall near  Beach Street.

I’ll be waiting for you!

27x14 Gallery wrapped canvas, Was: $2,000. Show price: $325.
27×14 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. Was: $2,000. Show price: $325.

It’s true….I am an Alcohol-Ink

Yes. It’s my latest obsession. You can call me an alcohol-ink or an ink-oholic, but no matter how you say it, I’m hooked!

I’m actually finding I’m more creative painting with ink, but I never thought I would enjoy it so much. Not that I’ve abandoned painting with acrylics or pencils, but this is really different. It’s allowed me to create some very cool abstracts.

What  does this mean to you?  As you may already know, I have an online gallery. In addition to ordering fine art reprints of all my paintings, you can also order custom throw pillows,  duvet covers, shower curtains and tote bags.

Speaking from experience, when I’m looking for throw pillows, IUnderseaMapcan never quite find what I want and I usually settle for something that will suffice. You don’t have to do that anymore.  You can have custom pillows made using any of my paintings or designs, but the ones that work best with any of the above is from my new Wild Abstract Gallery.  Check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

To the left, you will see my  ‘Hats Off’  painting. It says, “Fine  Arts” above it.  Just click on that and it will whisk you to my online gallery.

Take a walk through while you are there and think about the great gifts you can buy.

Christmas, as they say, is right around the corner.

The Final Long, Hot Summer Special

Here it is, the last of the  summer specials. This 20×30, original acrylic on canvas, can be yours for just $125.  Please, no shipping. Pick up only. Message me for details.


The Long, Hot Summer Continues

A Slice of Sunflower
A Slice of Sunflower

Summer is a very slow  season for artists, so I’m offering weekly specials. This week, get a Debbie Original,  A Slice of Sunflower, a signed, 5×5 acrylic original in a 12×12 ceramic, desktop frame for just $75!

Sorry! This cannot be shipped. Local pickup only.


The Long, Hot Summer

Everyone knows that summer is not prime time for selling art.  It’s not close to any holiday and let’s face it,   no  one is  thinking about decorating when it’s 90+ degrees outside.

That’s good news for you!

Do you Sea Doo? 22×28 on canvas

While you’re not thinking about it, here’s something to entice you to buy now. The work you see is called, ‘Do You Sea Doo?’ This is a Daytona Beach scene and that’s the Seabreeze  Bridge in the background.

This is one of my very early efforts and needless to say, I have learned and changed a lot since I did this piece in 2010. In fact, I just used some of those techniques to give new life to Sea Doo.

You can own this 28″x22″  signed, Debbie original for just $100. I would prefer someone  to pick it up, as shipping will add up to $50 to  the price.

Don’t miss it! This is your chance to own a Debbie. Debbie Originals sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Email for more details.

I’m IN!

Old Swampy - My entry for the 2015 Art Prize Competition.
Old Swampy – My entry for the 2015 Art Prize Competition.

You might recall a few weeks back I mentioned entering a contest called, Art Prize. This is an annual event held in Grand Rapids, MI and it dubbed the largest of its kind in the Country. It also offers the most prizes – more than a half million dollars in both juried and public voting awards.

The way it works is the artist completes an entry form for either 2D or 3D art and adds  an entry to the mix. After that, there is a 30 day connections period when artists let  any of the 185 participating downtown businesses know that they are interested in having their work displayed in their business. If you fail to make a connection during the allowed time, you are out.

I got lucky. Of the 2,200 artists that entered this year, one of the businesses contacted me. Yup. Me.

So for two weeks this fall, Old Swampy will make its home in Grand Rapids. The odds of being chosen were slim. The odds of winning a prize are slimmer, but as I look at it, I’m halfway there!


What is it?

Well, that’s what I call the techniques  I use to create art. Besides, every era needs a movement and mine is Debbieism.  I leave this to the next generation.

On  that happy note, summer is traditionally a very slow time of year for selling art. It’s when I spend time looking for new venues to display my work and creating tomorrow’s masterpieces.

Summer is when I experiment with different mediums and techniques. I’m having fun, but production has been a slower than usual. On the other hand, art  creation shouldn’t be rushed.

Preserve your pet's memory with a Debbie!
Preserve your pet’s memory with a Debbie!

In the meantime, You Can Own a Debbie for less if you act soon. I will create a painting of your favorite pet or family member for just $40. including shipping anywhere  in the US. The 8×10 in an11x14 mat and ready for framing.  This is usually $55. with shipping. This special ends when summer officially ends – Labor Day.  Debbie’s make great gifts for the holidays or any occasion.


What Am I Up To Now?

In between traveling and dealing with life matters, my resolutions this year were to get my work in a gallery and find more collectors.

What I’m doing at this very moment has nothing to do with galleries or collectors. It has to do with money.

I took a giant leap and entered the world’s biggest art show that offers the largest prizes I’ve ever seen. I’m not modest enough to say I don’t want to win. A lot of people see my work,  but only if I sell do I add to my traveling money. That’s right.  Any sales revenue goes into a separate account that is strictly used for my traveling pleasure. With the rising cost of travel, well, you can see where I’m going with this.

But I digress…

I entered Art Prize, a giant of a contest held every year in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s an interesting concept and there’s a learning curve on the entering process.  In the fall, the entire town becomes a enormous gallery with almost every business, hotel, coffee shop and bar in the downtown area, choosing to exhibit works from artists worldwide over a two week period.

First, you pay a small entry fee and get your information ready for review by all the different venues. Then, you contact those that might have an interest in promoting your work to try to get them to enter into a display contract with you.

If you don’t do that,  you are out for this year. If you do, your work is displayed and you are eligible for both juried and people’s choice prizes with a top prize in both categories of … are you ready? … $200,000.  Keep in mind that there are any number of smaller prizes of say, $20,000 that I could live with.

For my entry, I submitted, Old Swampy. I contacted the first five of my favorite venues today. There are many, many talented  artists who enter this show.  To be able to exhibit side by side with them would be an honor.

I still want to win!

Old Swampy - My entry for the 2015 Art Prize Competition.
Old Swampy – My entry for the 2015 Art Prize competition.


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